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Thai Masturbation

A Thai masseuse caught doing thai masturbation a client on video. And then complained to the local Thai massage therapist’s board of directors. Stating that he would file a lawsuit against them if they didn’t fire him. I have some good news for this masseuse. If you do suck customers, don’t feel bad about it because you were just trying to help them.

Many Thai masseuses are very good at what they do and never get into trouble because of it. I suppose if you get caught jerking off a client on video. And threaten to sue then the local Thai massage therapists might be more careful with you. You can take the best practices from your Thai masseuse. And become that great Thai massage therapist. But if you ever try to get your business or yourself in legal trouble for using illegal performance methods. You should run as fast as you can to find a lawyer. And start looking up articles on how to defend yourself in court.

If you get caught jerking off a client

A lot of Thai massage therapists get caught doing thai masturbation clients. This is why they need to be careful. And make sure their clients really know what they are getting into when they go for a massage. A Thai massage is a very intimate type of massage. So the fact that the masseuse was caught jerking off client shouldn’t deter anyone from giving. Or receiving a massage from such a person.

So if you ever get the opportunity to be a Thai massage therapist. Never think twice about letting a customer rip of you. That is your job, and your reputation is more important than a lawsuit that could ruin it. If you are ever found jerking off a client then you should immediately find a lawyer and search for some articles on how to defend yourself in court.

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