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Thai Massage Near Me

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Discover the Healing Power of Thai Massage

A few weeks ago a Thai Massage therapist near me announced on her radio show that she would be offering a Thai Massage in my local town, and I decided to try it out. She said that there were many Thai Massage therapists in my town. So she would be able to get more clients that day than usual, and I thought that was great.

Well I got my appointment and was soon having one of the most relaxing and enjoyable massages I’ve had in a long time.

However, the next morning I went back to my doctor because I was having another symptom which seemed to be triggered by the massage that I had just had.

According to the old-fashioned theory behind Thai massages, the human body has up to ten different lines of electricity called meridians, and the main aim of Thai massage therapy is to release blocksages along these meridians to enable the energy to flow freely without interruption. Now, for anyone who’s ever suffered through an anxiety attack, or just general tension and stress which causes you to feel like you can’t relax, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is that Thai Massage therapy has actually been scientifically designed so that when the correct pressure is applied along these ten meridians. It helps to calm your mind and help you to relieve some of the symptoms and pain you are experiencing. It really can be that easy!

My doctor told me that the only problem I had was not using the correct type of pressure points during my massage. Apparently, Massage therapists do not use their thumbs, elbows, forearms, shoulders, elbows, or fingers. But apply direct pressure to certain key points in certain areas of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and buttocks. This can only result in an effective physical therapy. And to anybody who has ever suffered from a headache. Knows how debilitating it can be to have a crippling attack at just the wrong moment.

Having said this, I was excited as any other person would be when I first learnt of this new treatment. As if there was a possible cure for all my ailments! But after seeing the costs (I’m on a tight budget), I started my search for a good Thai massage therapist, which thankfully proved to be quite easy due to the internet.