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The Best Thai Spots For Finding Beautiful Ladyboys

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Identifying a ladyboy in Thailand isn’t always easy. They can have a different skeleton from girls and are usually taller. A low voice or unnatural tone is another giveaway. Their Adam’s apple can also give it away.

Bangkok has the largest population of transgender people in the country. Nana Plaza is where you can find many of them in gogo bars such as True Obsession.

1. Silom

The heart of Bangkok, Silom is a polarising area with high rise office blocks during the day and hedonistic go-go bars at night. However, head down quieter side streets and you’ll find a whole different world – one that’s much more transgender friendly.

Aside from a few ‘Ladyboy Avenues’, most of the city’s kathoey are well integrated into society and can be found in shops and restaurants. As a result, many of them dress like women and have a very feminine appearance, and even undertake cosmetic procedures such as breast implants, hormone injections and Adam’s apple reduction surgery (the nipple bone on the bottom of the throat is shaved off).

To spot a ladyboy / kathoey simply ask her to stand up straight and then bring her arms down to her sides without touching them. A normal woman should be able to do this, but if she can’t then chances are she is a transgender person. You can also look for a smaller nose and a wider forehead as well as narrow shoulders and broad hips. In addition, most kathoey will speak in a higher voice than women and some will have blue eye color contacts.

There are a number of shopping centers with kathoey and you can often find them in the makeup or cell phone repair sections. The Platinum Fashion Mall is an excellent location to zoom in on sexy kats, while Central Plaza Pinklao close to Khao San has a great selection too. Another good spot is the Silom 10 food court, which is less geared towards tourists and can offer a glimpse into everyday Bangkok life.

2. Pattaya

In Pattaya, you’ll find a lot of ladyboys in the bars and go-go bars that cater to tourists. You’ll also see them walking around the streets of Pattaya, especially along Walking Street. In recent years, the city has made a push to become more family-friendly, but it’s still mostly a place for adult entertainment and hook-ups.

The best spot in the area for finding beautiful ladyboys is the Soi Buakhao district. It has a ton of bars and clubs that specialize in attracting them kathoeys, including King’s Corner 2, a popular go-go bar teeming with gorgeous they kathoeys. There are also many other great bars in the area, such as Duangjai Bar Beer in Soi LK Metro and Nidcha House Bar.

Another good way to meet ladyboys in Thailand is by using a dating site such as Thai Friendly, which has thousands of females on its platform and allows you to search by specific criteria like age and location. These sites are a great way for first-timers to meet ladyboys without the fear of being spotted.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, head to Jomtien Beach or Naklua. These areas are more subdued than the center of town, and there are plenty of family-friendly activities available. For instance, you can enjoy a romantic beach dinner or sip cocktails while watching the sunset. In addition, you can visit the Buddha Mountain, which is a sacred spot where locals come to pray and offers some of the most breathtaking views in the country. It’s a moderately-steep hike, but the scenery is worth it.

3. Bangkok

Ladyboys in Bangkok are very common and it’s easy to spot them around town. Just look for the tourist areas or the bars with ladyboys on staff and you’ll see plenty of them. Ladyboys and katoey also work in the cosmetics departments of shopping centers so it’s pretty easy to find them with a bit of luck.

The best place to go looking for beautiful ladyboys in Bangkok is the notorious Khaosan Road which is 1km of clubs, restaurants and erotic entertainment. Most of the ladyboys there are on the staff at the bars and are there to entertain tourists or locals who come there for some fun. You can also easily find them in the many massage parlors on the street. Some of them are even open 24 hours.

Nana Plaza is one of the most famous places for finding beautiful thai ladyboys and there are a number of girly bars like Obsession on the ground floor. These are all pretty much ladyboy only and they have some of the sexiest shemale dancers in the city. A drink costs 150 Baht and a girly dancer will cost you 1500 to 2000 Baht for some sexy time.

You can also easily find beautiful thai ladyboys in the many massage parlors on the streets. Most of them are eye-catchy and will approach you to entice you into their rooms for some sexy action. Almost all of them speak English well enough and will be able to communicate with you.

Another great place to look for beautiful thai ladyboys is Chatuchak Market which is open on the weekend and has lots of upscale girly bars. Some of them are open to foreigners and you can ask a tuk tuk driver to take you there.